Is Apple iPad inferior to a 5 year old tablet by HP?

Apple has had its fair share of bad press and criticism when it comes to the iPhone 4 but recently I came across this interesting post on which showed in a comparative chart that the iPad was actually inferior to a HP TC 1100. This may not be true as the engineering and design might surely be better but in the chart below you will see that most technical specifications are better if not as good as the iPad.

As you can see in the image above that the iPad device is from 2010 and HP TC 1100 a device form 2003. The strange part is it has a bigger storage space and a slightly better CPU. It has support for USB, PC card, RJ45, RJ11 which are not available in iPad.

Does it mean iPad is basically like a large iPod Touch? I am not sure if the comparision can really be called fair as we have not tested them for battery life and other issues. But it does beg to ask the question on why does iPad have lower features than a similar device created in 2003.

What are your view on iPad? Do let me know through your comments.


Mauricio Longo July 15, 2010

It is not a proper comparison at all. The iPad is a smaller device, much lighter with 10 hours battery life. That tablet, when new would probably not reach two hours on a charge.

The iPad does not have hard drives. It has solid state memory which is much faster than a hard drive and not susceptible to damage from shock.

While also have not performed comparative tests, I’m pretty confident that graphics performance is much better on the iPad which also has multi-touch input capability and runs a much lighter operating system the Windows XP Tablet edition that the HP system would probably run.

The only thing in common with these device is that they don’t a keyboard.

Aditya Kane July 15, 2010

I agree to your points but the what I wonder is if iPad is actually a couple of years behind what it should be. After all it is from Apple. 😛

Gaurav Dua July 16, 2010

have you ever used an ipad? you can’t review a product on paper. get one first..

I have been using ipad for 3 months now..there’s nothing like it ever created till date by any other Co..

Gaurav Dua July 16, 2010

HP Tablets are Sh*t. I have used them. At the same time, if u hold an iPad in your hand, you’ll realize what a beauty it is..

Himanshu July 16, 2010

until to get one in Hand you can’t tell the difference. i agree that it has some very important features missing but they all are are ignored when you get your hands on it. i thought the same way about the iphone but when i played with it, the experience was out of the world.

Hamlin July 18, 2010

Just though someone should point out that there are errors on the chart provided.

Jaspal July 24, 2010

i have an 32gb Wifi ipad n its no where near the HP tablet…i’ve heard a lotta critics yelling about ipad being a failure but its not the case….just like gaurav said above….once u hold it in ur hands…then u’ll realise its beauty n functionality…

ketsuri September 28, 2010

I love all the comments about how the ipad is so good that it can’t be described. The ipad is quite a few years behind what it should be. If hp had continue to make this model of tablet, it would completely destroy the ipad is every aspect. I would rather have a computer with slightly worse graphics; than a blown up itouch with no usb (hence no external cd), no OS, no video output, and no keyboard (which the hp does have).

Tolly September 29, 2010

When you have lemmings who have no idea why they buy a product, what they’re going to do with it, or what the hype is all about, then you end up with products like iPad….see link – it’ll explain is better than I can….

IanW October 23, 2010

I have a TC1100 (since 2005). Use it every day still Fantastic machine – the way computers should go!! Runs rings round the proprietary, overpriced and under spec iPad!!