Apple buys a company to create its own Google Earth

Google Earth was that awesome software which allowed you to rotate the entire world and then zoom into cities, suburbs and even your backyard. It was a one of a kind software and we can spend literally hours exploring the world in a virtual way.

Now that gave Google a tremendous product and it even has a premium version for more advance uses like town planning and geological surveys.

Now Apple has decided to crash Google Earth party and bought a company which does pretty much the same things as Google Earth.

Apple has bought a 3D map making service called The website has been taken down and according to Slashgear, Apple will probably create a competitor to Google Earth.

Google Earth has a fantastic and massive fan base along with customized maps and other information being shown through mash-ups and extensions. This will be very difficult to replicate for Apple but I guess like Google walked into Apple’s territory with Android and then Nexus One, Apple can also crash Google Earth party.

What are you views on Apples plan for a 3d Mapping software? Will it be as successful as Google Earth? Do let me know through your comments.

One reply on “Apple buys a company to create its own Google Earth”

  1. Apple will do something… .to make it a special one….
    It will be not a matter even if they go top in 3d maps…

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