Get quick shortcuts to all things Google with Firefox addon

Google started of as a website which basically was all about searching things online. I even wondered a couple of days ago if Google is used by me out of sheer habit. I thought about all the Google products I must say there are a few which I use almost every time I am online.

We use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps and so much more with Google. I personally end up being signed into Gmail from where I look for jump-points to other services like Documents, Reader etc.

Google Shortcuts is a Firefox add-on which really allows us to visit a page of our choosing with ease. It looks like the screen shot below.

About Google Shortcuts

  • The add on is pretty nifty as once installed it can be customized to show some icons next to the address bar. If that is a problem you can set it to a drop down menu like I did in the image.
  • I could edit the URL of a particular shortcut which can be useful for adding email jump page with Google apps.
  • I could select which page I wanted in the drop down from a host of options. I think I stopped counting at thirty. 😉

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I guess another alternative is Google toolbar but I think a drop drop icon is so much cooler. Do try it out if you are using Firefox, download Google Shortcuts addon and install it. Do drop in your comments with your views on if this helps you.