Is this the future of our television sets? Sony unveils Google TV powered sets

A few days ago Google TV was launched as a product. Google TV has started a new revolution some would say. The revolution diversifying into television from the internet. I do not think that is the case. I think Google believes (probably rightly) that television coverage will be through the internet. YouTube’s success must have convinced Google.

So now that leaves the hardware manufacturer. Sony has just unveiled their new Google TV enabled line of internet televisions sets.

How will Sony’s Google TV work?

The new Sony device will have 4 USB 2.0 slots on the side along with an Ethernet connection at the back. It will work through the internet using the Google TV platform to show and control the content.

I was wondering if it is practical for people to buy a new Television which runs Google TV only. I think it can be hooked up like a normal TV set but not sure if the software inside will be compatible.

You can view all the features and specifications here.

Remote Control resembling a mini-keypad…

Here is how the remote of the new Sony device will look like. It seems quite neat and just by looking at the keys and various options, we can assume that Google TV will have a lot of options and tremendous potential.

Sony has been an old player in the television manufacturing business and has probably guessed rightly that the future of TV sets is through the internet. But it is Google which might end up not just helping us search for addresses and maps online but also helping us search shows, movies and live sports action.

Windows 7 phone has been released to compete with iPhone and Android. I wonder if we will soon see Microsoft TV. I think if this happens it will be good for competition.

So take a look at the video which explains how Google TV will power a Sony set and let me know your views on if this is what all our televisions sets in the future will be like? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Sony


Thewebtricks October 13, 2010

thanks 4 the post,quite informative.When is it coming to India???????

raoul October 17, 2010

niceeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 😀

Free Classifieds India November 5, 2010


@Thewebtricks coming to India? I am still surprised Vodafone has been unable to offer proper 3g connection for iphone in India. 3D tv will take ages!