Join Pepperjam Affiliate Network with $10 Sign-up Bonus. Last 2 Days!

PJN July PromoIf you are an active blogger, then I bet you already heard about Pepperjam Affiliate Network and their lucrative $10 sign-up bonus offer. If you haven’t joined Pepperjam or planning to join it later, this post is reminder to rush up as sign-up bonus and other Pepperjam offers are available till 31st August.

Overview of Pepperjam offers:

1. $10 New Publisher Sign-Up Bonus – You are eligible for a $10 bonus just for signing-up for Pepperjam Network. Only thing you need to do is join Pepperjam via any referral links.

2. Flat $7 for each referral
– For the entire month of August the Pepperjam Network Publisher Referral Program will pay publishers (aka, affiliates) a flat $7 for every new publisher referral. Now if you are a blogger, then you must join Pepperjam within 2 days to get $10 sign-up bonus. You can use last day to refer your blog visitors to Pepperjam via your affiliate links.

3. Blogger Incentive Program
– Yes, there is still some money. Pepperjam publisher / blogger will receive $10 for each post they make (up to 5 per month) that promotes Pepperjam Network or any Pepperjam Network tool. Of course, your post need to be pre-approved by them. I already got late to try Pepperjam, so I am posting this straightaway so you don’t miss your sign-up bonus. But you can contact [email protected] prior to making your post to gain approval of the topic.

Beyond these offers:

Above offers are lucrative enough to make you join Pepperjam. Honestly, I joined Pepperjam for $10 sign-up bonus. But when Google closed their Adsense product referral program, I really wanted to go for some alternatives.

I tested commission junction & Chitika long time before. But after more than 100K impressions, they failed to make any money for me. I haven’t tried Chitika Premium ad unit yet. Widget bucks worked little bit for me but I had more advertising space to offer in this blogs sidebar. So after going through some alternatives, I finally put Pepperjam ads there.

Its too early to comment about Pepperjams performance, but I am hopeful because of following reasons:

  • First and most important, I liked product lists they are offering. I found many relevant programs for this blogs topics. Ex: text-link-ads, SEO Moz, etc.
  • Next I liked PepperjamAds section where one can create single ad-unit for all approved advertisers. The best thing about PepperjamAds is text-links it shows. I really hate flashy animated product image ads. Of course you can get image ads for any of your advertiser if you want. If you like to have preview of PepperjamAds, check vertical skyscraper ad unit in this blogs sidebar.
  • With the Pepperjam is launched and kind of money they spent on giving bonus/rewards, they must have very large publisher base now. This makes its attractive for advertisers and I already pointed out that I am really surprised to find highly relevant advertiser for this blog. Something I failed to find on years old commission junction.

That’s all for the day. Thanks Amanda (Coleman) for clearing my doubts about Pepperjam. šŸ™‚

Links: Join Pepperjam Network today!


BlogsDNA August 30, 2008

Do let us know how Paperjam ads are performing for you.

Rahul Bansal September 2, 2008

Sure… šŸ™‚

p@r@noid January 16, 2009

So Rahul how’s your pepperjam experience till yet? DO share with us..

Rahul Bansal January 20, 2009

It was good in the beginning. Not it is just ok.

p@r@noid January 20, 2009

Will try if I will have enough space šŸ™‚