Get Latest Articles and Videos with Real-time Encyclopedia

zomobo_logoIn this age of information, there are literally a million things happening around us. RSS readers and search engines usually do a good job of keeping people informed. Sometimes you just want to catch up some real-time buzz.

For example I wanted to look up recent results on Google Plus, Zomobo gave me all the latest trending links on YouTube, Twitter and even Wikipedia articles.

Zomobo Features

  • Just enter the query into the search box and get results nicely arranged. This is a great way to learn what is latest about a topic along with actually learning about it.
  • It shows relevant links to Facebook pages and Twitter accounts along with a few public documents and links.
  • Other categories where information is arranged is Blogs, News and related images.

I think this web service, would be a very useful service to learn about something new on the web. I think it is like a enhanced version of Wikipedia.

Do try out Zomobo and drop in your comments.

Link: Zomobo