Life In Lines – Tell Story of Your Life… or LiL is a new microblogging platform by Onelife Knowledge Services, an Indian startup. Lifeinlines is aimed at hobbyist bloggers and dairy writers who loose in fast pace of life after enthusiastic start beyond few posts or diary writers who like to record their life but lost in its fast pace!

In their own words, “As you go about your day, Lifeinlines helps you capture and record your thoughts, feelings and experiences. So whether it’s waking up to the sound of music every morning, surviving a torturous presentation by a superior or getting teary eyed while watching your baby take his/her first step, Lifeinlines is your life… in lines. is nicely integrated with everyday technology you use. You can SMS the sweet though just crossed your mind or simply capture the folk song at street and MMS it. If you are an online bug like me just keep posting via email/messenger or simply use their web interface. LiL is always there!

Apart from convenience, you also get a choice of assigning a level of privacy to everything you say or tell. You can choose to keep some things to yourself, whisper it to someone special, share with your best friends, close friends, all friends or make it public by a simple click. This nice multi-layer privacy is something every microblogging till date failed t incorporate.

Currently invitation only Lifeinlines will be open to all soon. Personally I can invite 25 friends, so if you want to tell story of your life, just post a comment with “Invite me” words in it. Thanks Ankur for inviting me… πŸ™‚

Updates: Forgot to mention…

  • An input mode,Β  voice 2 web – making a phone call to record your voice which is instantly posted to the web.
  • No post size limit… SoΒ  this can be used for normal blogging too… πŸ™‚

Link: Lifeinlines (My Profile)


Pranav Gupta June 16, 2008

Hmm…Seems to be a gud 1……

So…Invite me….

sooraj June 17, 2008

invite me plz πŸ™‚

Creeva June 24, 2008

an invitation would be great

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

@Pranav, Sooraj & Creeva
Sent you invitation guys.
Sorry for delay… πŸ™

Creeva June 24, 2008

Thanks – and I didn’t even wait 30 minutes

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

It was mainly for Pranav & Sooraj…
n hey thanks for reminding…

Pranav Gupta June 24, 2008

Hey thanx for da invitation buddy….

But what about that gmail issue..& a review on websites for downloading free mp3s…

Im in real need for gmail labels..So plz help me out….

I know u r busy..But stil…….

Rahul Bansal June 25, 2008

I am adding you to my googletalk messenger list.
Lets discuss label issue there. πŸ™‚

Sooraj June 25, 2008

I din get dat rahul πŸ™ just got few comments which were posted here !!

Rahul Bansal June 25, 2008

I invited you already. Anyway sending invitation again.
Check SPAM folder. Invitation may be there…

Tyag Krish July 5, 2008

Invite me

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2008

Invited you buddy… πŸ™‚