Load YouTube videos faster and share on Twitter

Have you ever excitedly looked up a video on You Tube with a fast connection and unfortunately it starts to mock your internet speed by not streaming the video as fast as it should ?

Watching You Tube videos can be a little frustrating sometimes as the videos do often get stuck. I came across on the internet a Video Accelerator for You Tube specifically.

Its called SpeedBit Video Accelerator and it works automatically with any browser while viewing You Tube videos. It is a free download but there is also a premium version.


About SpeedBit

  • Once you download and install SpeedBit, it seamlessly integrates and works with any browser while playing any video on You Tube.
  • It has a separate feature meant only for High Definition video acceleration.
  • Considering the madness for Twitter is it no surprise new applications try integrate sharing through Twitter. Speed Bit is not exception and it also has a feature to tweet the video while you are watching on You Tube. 🙂


I think there are many video accelerators out there but I kind of like this one as I can easily share videos on my Twitter account. As far as the performance of the accelerator, I think it is quite useful for high speed internet connections. Slower speeds might not have much use for it but I guess a more seamless viewing experience should be expected.

If you like this acceleration or have any alternative applications out there let me know through your comments. 😉

Links: Download Speed Bit | Webcooltips

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strGraphics January 9, 2010

Thanks for sharing friend..,

Very much useful to me 😉