Lookup and compare backlinks data of two websites

For any blog or for that matter for any website, back-links are very important as it basically leads to a decent Google Page Rank and then leads to greater organic traffic through search engines. A page rank is determined by the number of websites linking to a website and their authority thanks to their page ranks.

In other words backlinks from a website with higher Page Rank is worth its weight in gold a any blog or website. With Open Site Explorer you can look up backlink analysis of website and compare that data with another website’s data.

About Open Site Explorer

  • Open Site Explorer has options to look up backlinks and carry out analysis of what the page authority is of the page which is giving the backlink.
  • It shows up the domain authority and the individual page authority of page which is giving the backlink.
  • If you sign up and register you can view 20 such weighted backlinks analysis and 1000 backlinks. I could also compare stats from two different domains.

I think keeping a watch on the backlinks of your website is a must for any blogger or webmaster. With Open Site Explorer, I get a bit of analytical data which can be helpful to chalk out strategies improve backlinks from higher ranked websites.

Do write in your comments with your views and share any similar web services.


Shiva April 30, 2010

This in excellent backlinks analysis tool. Actually there was a derth of a tool like this. The ones which were there before are dead now and those tool were quite old fashioned. What makes it better is that it is from the same people behind SEOmoz. Hats off to them. Thanks god they did not include it into their PRO package. Thanks for sharing this Harsh. I think I too will update my reader about this tool

Shiva April 30, 2010

Sorry I did not read the author bar…Thanks Aditya for sharing this

Aditya Kane April 30, 2010

Thanks Shiva, I agree some of the older sites for checking backlinks have not really evolved much.

Osho Garg May 1, 2010

Good Tool 🙂