Make HD Video Calls Using Skype 4.2 Beta

Last time we shared a small hack which will let you create your own Home surveillance through skype, now how about watching your home surveillance video in HD.

The latest 4.2 Beta version of Skype will enable you to share videos in HD. This will work only if you have a webcam which is capable of taking DH videos. You can also use your DSLR cameras as video capturing device and stream HD videos using Skype.


According to pcworld,

The software can deliver 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, Skype said. It planned to update itsdownload page on Tuesday to include information about the HD capabilities. There was no word yet about HD Skype for the Mac.

Late this year, we can expect HDTV’s from Skype, which will have Skype Internet calling software enabled. You can download the beta version of Skype 4.2 from the given link at the bottom of the post.

Download Skype 4.2

Do you have any webcam with you , which is HD enabled? If yes, do let us know which brand you are using?