Make your own ‘Coming Soon’ Page for your Website

When people visit your website when it is still being created, you can create a landing page which says "Coming soon" or "Under maintenance" using this WordPress plugin.

When you are updating or designing your website, you can create a landing page for your visitors which says “Coming soon” or “Under maintenance”.

This can be easily done by using a WordPress plugin – Simple “Coming soon” And “Under construction”

Follow the instructions to install the plugin:

  1. For instructions on how to install plugins to WordPress, check this detailed post.
  2. After successful installation, activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Now in the Settings tab of your WordPress menu, you can see a Simple Coming Soon option. Click on the option to access the plugin menu.
  4. Now in the drop-down menu, select “Coming Soon” to get started and Save Changes.
  5. Now go to Theme Options tab, and edit the fields such as Page title, Header text, Estimated time text, Links to social networks etc. to your liking. You can also add the logo of your company or website.
  6. Now to preview the changes you made, logout of your account and access your website. It would look something like this:

Note: If you are logged in as an admin on your WordPress account, you would be able to see your website instead of the ‘Coming Soon’ page.
Thus you can easily change your website’s landing page while you edit the website in the back-end.