Mark Zuckerberg shows his funny side on SNL

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed up on Saturday Night Live to do an comedy act with his reel life counter-part Jesse Eisenberg from the film ‘The Social Network’.

Mark Zuckerberg has criticized his depiction in the film ‘The Social Network’ suggesting that Hollywood does not get the fact that geeks create things because they just want to and not because of the money involved.

In the skit Jesse Eisenberg and Andy Samberg who both have depicted Mark Zuckerberg were cracking jokes on the show. This was when the real Mark Zuckerberg is shown complaining he should go on the show as he invented ‘poking’.

Mark Zuckerberg kept an amused expression and confirmed he had seen the film. He also went on to call it ‘interesting’.

I guess Zuckerberg thought, it is better to accept his depiction in the film and not sound like a man with no sense of humor. Also having their CEO show up on the iconic SNL must be mean good publicity for Facebook.

Source: Mediaite