Hilarious Spoof Website takes on Apple Inc

I bumped on to a shareable today which was a picture of an imaginary product that Apple Inc could possibly develop in the near future called Water. 😀

Here’s the picture for all you readers. Click to enlarge.

I read the line at the bottom of the picture as many of you might have, and went straight to scoopertino.com to check it out, and was not disappointed one little bit :D.

Scoopertino is one of the funniest fake news sites I’ve come across in a while. You’ll find tons of fake Apple news that would really make you laugh out loud!


Here’s another article I read on Scoopertino which claims that Apple recently opened a theme park for its fans which drew nearly a million visitors in the first week itself. 😀

Here are some of the rides in the Apple theme park –

“AAPLcoaster: This high-tech roller coaster literally reconfigures itself second by second, mimicking Apple’s stock performance in real time. Feel the adrenaline rush as your nest egg soars to new heights, plummets to the ground, then rockets skyward once again. (Not recommended for pregnant women or investors with heart conditions.)”

“Android Attack! Strap yourself into a sleek, weaponized, iPhone-style race car and put the pedal to the metal. It’s a life-or-death dash to the finish line with hundreds of vicious Androids nipping at your butt. Careful! For every Android you kill, two new ones take its place.”

This website is a definite treat for all Apple fans as well Apple haters 🙂

Do check it out and drop in your comments/opinions below.

Link: Scoopertino

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    1. Yes Karan, scoopertino is quite old and even I had covered a post on their spoof about iHand. That apart Omkar is new to tech blogging and when he found it interesting he wrote about it. I am sure there must be quite a few people who might have come to know about Scoopertino because of Omkars post.

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