OviMail moving to Yahoo: Users may not see old emails for several days!

Ovi Mail is a mail service used by Nokia users. Today, most Ovi Mail users received an email that Nokia is partnering with Yahoo to enhance Ovi Mail. The email sent out shows Nokia is making some interesting partners. Microsoft has recently paid them $1 Billion to stay away from Android. The partnership was announced last year in July 2010, but actual transition of Ovi Mail accounts to Yahoo will start this week.


Below is an excerpt form the email sent out to Ovi Mail users.

Once the transition starts, you will immediately begin receiving new
emails into your updated Ovi Mail account, but you may not see your
old emails for several days until the transition has finished
.  Don’t
worry because your emails are safe and are being moved to Yahoo!.  You
will see them in your inbox again once the transfer is complete.

The thing that might concern Ovi Mail account users is that, users might not be able to see their old emails for several days. The emails will be accessible to Ovi Mail users once the transition is done. This email is a little vague. There is not timeframe that defines several days. Several days could mean 3-4 days or even 20 days.

Nokia has made some strange partnerships. It has partnered with Microsoft, which seems to be a smart move as they will be receiving 1$ Billion from Microsoft. Yahoo as a partner is quite strange. In my opinion Yahoo is a bit of a sinking ship.

Thanks to Akshay for the tip.

What are your views on this Nokia and Yahoo partnership? Do you think Ovi Mail experience will actually be enhanced?


anandh March 10, 2011

i think the sinking companies are partnering together to avoid shut down for a while. one more info i am unable to access my yahoo mail accounts today. is anybody else facing similiar issues?

Aditya Kane March 10, 2011

I am not sure if anyone else had problems with Yahoo accounts. But yes, it seems two clueless companies are trying to partner up.

unaistp April 1, 2011

i think it may any dispute between nokia&ovi

Aditya Kane April 1, 2011

There seems to be no dispute between Nokia and Ovi. it is just about migrating to Yahoo.