WordCamp, Mozilla Camp, Yahoo’s Open Hack Day and Other Tech Events

This month is full of tech-events organized all over the places in India and abroad. Below is brief list of events. If we are missing something cool happening around in your city, please let us know via comments.


WordCamp LogoWordCamp is unconference centered around WordPress community. Among all camps, WordCamp is most frequent and organized event. You can always have a look at upcoming WordCamps on this central site. They have WordCamp scheduled till October 2009 already!

This time, India is having its first WordCamp on 21st and 22nd Feb in New Delhi. Key attraction of this event is presence of Matt Mullenwag, founder and lead developer of WordPress itself.

Apart from Matt himself, other celebrities which will be speaking at this event includes Amit Agarwal (from Digital Inspiration), Pavan Duggal (Advocate, Supreme court of India).

Registration Fees: Individual day ticket : INR 250, Full event ticket : INR 400 

Venue: Noida, Delhi

Links: Register for Event 


MozillaCampArun Ranganathan and Seth Bindernagel form Mozilla team are already travelling across India, meeting and collaborating with Mozilla community.

Mozilla Camp has already started and we missed them in Delhi  on 10th Feb. Below is schedule of remaining tour. (source: Mozilla blog)

  • Feb. 12th – 13th, Kanpur:  The duo will be participating in the inaugural FOSSKriti at Techkriti.  Arun will be leading a workshop on Web development & Open Source technologies on the night of the 12th and then a HTML5 talk on Feb. 13th.
  • Feb. 14th – 15th, Pune:  Arun and Seth find themselves at GNUnify where they will be leading a mini Mozilla Camp covering localization, Web tools and more.  On Sunday morning from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. they will be joining PuneTech.com for an open meet up.

Even though they are visiting Pune, I won’t be able to attend this event personally. But if you can catch up with them, do not miss it! 🙂

Venue: Kanpur, Pune

Link: Kanpur Event | Pune Event

Yahoo’s Open Hack Day India

Open HackAs its name suggest, this event is more centered around Yahoo technologies like BOSS, Blueprint, YAP, YQL and more. Still level of skills and demos it carries is really awesome. This is invitation only event and as far as I know, list of attendees has been finalized.

Still if you are in Bangalore and have some really good friend in Yahoo and/or among event organizers, you can take a chance!

Event Date: 14th-15th Feb, 2009

Venue: Bangalore

Link: Official Link

Other Tech Events

Apart from this, you can attend…

  • GNUnify in Pune on 13th & 14th Feb. This includes MozillaCamp Pune among other tracks.
  • FOSSkriti in Kanpur from 12th to 15th Feb. This includes MozillaCamp Kanpur among other events they are hosting.
  • Sun Developers meet in Pune. Link and other details about this event will be made available soon.

That’s it! So much to do in February! I am not (yet) sure which events I will attend personally. Still let us know which event you are attending. May be you can post about your experience at that event on Devils Workshop (and earn some bucks)… 😉


Mayur Somani February 11, 2009

Will u be attending wordcamp?

Varunkumar February 11, 2009

There is another big event happening this month in Hyderabad. Sun Tech Days, Hyd Feb -18, 19, 20

Abhishek February 11, 2009

i will try to be at Pune moz Camp !!

Rahul Bansal February 13, 2009

Not sure. Chances are very less but.
Have lots of work to do here. 🙁

Thanks for update Varun.
I guess Sun Developer event I mentioned about is then shifted to Hyd.

Great. Happy camping! 🙂

Gautam February 13, 2009

Why do these camps’ dates have to fall on the exams dates 🙁

p@r@noid February 17, 2009

I will be attending wordcamp hope to see most of you guys there….
though Rahul is also registered there ..hope to see u too rahul.

Rahul Bansal February 17, 2009

If I happen to be there, I will surely call you.
I am trying hard to complete some client projects. If they get done by Friday, I will surely attend Wordcamp! 🙂