Top 5 Flickr Upload Tools

Flickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. It provides you with an account where you can store your images, from here you can manage and share these images.

To be in brief Flickr is nothing but a Online Photo Sharing Community where you can share your photos or else you can store them as private. Flickr came with a caption “Show off you favorite Photos and Videos to the World”.

I have provided the list of Flickr tools for uploading your pictures into the Flickr. Lets check them out.

  1. Flidget
  2. FlickrUploadr
  3. jUploadr
  4. Flickr Importr
  5. Photo Upload

Flidget : Its a simple widget to upload images into the Flickr. It is a simple dashboard.

FlickrUploadr : Flickr Uploading tool that works on the Windows and Mac OS. But few people have created the private tool that works on the Linux.

jUploadr : It is a cross platform, cross site photo uploader. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS to upload photos on Flickr and Zoomr.

Flickr Importr : It is a simple photo uploader which is compatible of Windows OS used to upload images to Flickr and will automatically adds them to groups and sets.

Photo Upload : It is a third party program that allows us to upload our photos into Flickr and also provides the mapping for your photos according to their names.


Colin July 28, 2011

Hey a new tool for uploading your photos to flickr is
Check this out, only one click and every photo is in flickr. Best is it is free and does work with a lot other pages too!

Aditya Kane July 28, 2011

Thanks Colin, we have already reviewed on Devils’ Workshop here.