Mobikwik: Recharging any mobile connection made simple

Couple of days ago I came across Mobikwik, a website that allows you to recharge or top-up any mobile phone’s balance in India. It covers all major telecom operators like Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom, BSNL and Vodafone along with smaller operators in India. That is almost 300 million potential mobile phone users in India. There may be other websites which allow you to recharge your phone but Mobikwik did catch my attention because it’s user interface is very simple and hence very helpful. Mobikwik also has plans to introduce India’s first open web API for recharging phones.


Recharging Balance

  • You need to first register at the Mobikwik website and then enter the mobile number of which you want to recharge the balance.
  • Then you need to enter the amount into Mobikwik balance. The payment options are netbanking/debit card, Credit Card, Cash Card and Cheque payment. The website claims that Paypal will be introduced soon.
  • This balance from Mobikwik can be transfered to any mobile phone to recharge it’s balance. You can recharge upto 5 phone numbers. πŸ˜‰


Searching for Plans

Another great feature was searching for best mobile plans based on location or circle which you might live it. For someone looking at getting or changing to a new plan this seems to be a great reference guide. This section has a lot of tweaks which allow you to customize your search for the best plans avaialble from all operators. It takes into account the number of calls you might want to make, validity of plan, number of SMS and many other options can be taken into account before the relevant plans are shown.

Link: Mobikwik


Paritosh November 12, 2009

Paypal integration will certainly increase the number of its members….
Till the time it introduces paypal, i will continue using rechargeguru…

Rahul November 12, 2009

I think this is cool. These sites is example of lot of hungry market.

Mandar Salvi November 16, 2009

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whichever case may be. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I added funds on MobiKwik and tried recharging. I got this error-

‘An error occurred during recharge: #ERROR:Transaction Under Process [SP]# . Please verify your operator and circle is correct in My Account->My Profile page. If it is correct, Please go back and try again. If problem persists, please email us at [email protected] or fill the Customer Care form.’

Also tried with two other numbers. Still it is not working. πŸ™ Contacting Customer Care…

Mandar Salvi

Mandar Salvi November 16, 2009

Update – Just had small talk with Founder. Bug fixed. πŸ™‚ Mobile Recharged. Thank you!

Nipurn Gupta July 2, 2012

How did u solved the problem??

Because I too added funds and got the same error “Please verify your operator and circle is correct in My Account->My Profile page.”

harbhajan singh deogun February 21, 2012

i recharged my mob. through mobikwik . rupees 100 has been deducted from my account but mobile not charged. should i think it is fraud mobikwik. my ticket no. is 34094.please inform me about this transection

Aditya Kane February 22, 2012

@Harbhajan Singh: Mobikwik is actually quite a well known website. I guess it is better to complaint to their customer support as we have only reviewed website service and have no tie up with them.