Support for Kaltura CE is added to BuddyPress Media Plugin

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This is a quick post to announce small but significant update to our BuddyPress Media Plugin which makes use of Kaltura open-source media platform.

By default, BuddyPress Media plugin uses Kaltura’s server to store all user upload media files. Some BuddyPress social network owners didn’t like this for various reasons and they wanted to use this media component with Kaltura CE – Kaltura’s self-hosted open-source media platform.

In a small release, which also happens to be first release on wordpress’s official plugin repo, we made necessary changes so that this BuddyPress component can work with as well Kaltura CE out of the box.

What is Kaltura CE?

In simple words Kaltura CE is like – you can download and install it on your own server as compared to which is more like – you can use it on someone else server with few limitations.

Kaltura CE over has following main advantage:

  • With Kaltura CE all data (codes & media) is uploaded to our server
  • offers limited storage and transfer in free account
  • As running WordPress-MU and BuddyPress requires a good webhost, you may be already having a server to run Kaltura CE. So Kaltura CE will increase your cost, may not be true in early days of your social-network.

Only downside is that installing Kaltura CE requires some extra technical knowledge and no webhost provides one-click type of installer as provided for WordPress, Joomla, etc. But setting up your own Kaltura CE server is one-time exercise and you can do it on your own by following official documentation or hire us to get it done for you.

Links: BuddyPress Media Component (on | Kaltura CE

Recommended Webhost for Kaltura CE: Mediatemple


qafro November 29, 2009

Can you extend the kaltura CE api for uploading media via mobile. Therefore if you add support. is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap! would make mobile up uploads easy.

sam February 25, 2010

hi–trying to activate Kultura plug in and getting “The plugin does not have a valid header”, so cant activate–is there an issue here with thhe plugin. Any guidance apprecaired; was an automatic upload through wordpress-mu.


Kapil March 25, 2010

This would be quite useful feature.This is relatively easy for the core developers of Kaltura CE and expensive task for extension developers. So please contact Kalturea Core team. 😉

Kapil March 25, 2010

Are you trying it with BP1.2???
Please mention your WPMU and BP version.
Check out out latest release here