More features introduced for Orkut photo sharing!

Its not more than 2-3 days that I mentioned about the Gtalk – Orkut integration. Infact, the feature is yet to be rolled out in every profile and Orkut has come up with another cool feature. This time they have heard the plea of Orkut members who use Orkut somewhat as a photo sharing service. Unlike the previous case, now it would be upon your discretion about whom to show your photos, even though he/she is a member of Orkut or not. Yes, what you heard is right! If you want you can even share your photo albums even with a single friend or a non Orkut friend.

Officially this information was being provided by a guide at Orkut help group. For those who are excited to know how this feature can be used, you can see the below screenshot. More screenshots are here.

orkut photo sharing

In a nutshell, the new options introduced are:

  • You can share photo albums to a specific set of friends or groups.
  • Option to share album even with non Orkut friends.
  • Also if you want, unlike previous case, you can lock specific albums to prevent spying by persons in your friends list. 😉

As Orkut’s usual practice, they have started rolling this brand new feature, and your profile too will hit soon! Ultimately before leaving all I can say is, you can now easily add your party pics and share them with your friends keeping your parents unaware about it. 😉

Thanks Sreejoy for the tip 🙂

Links: Official release | More screenshots

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Sreejoy November 26, 2008


its my pleasure and keep groe DW..!!