Caption It – Write your own funny captions on online photos!

One of the best things about images having funny captions, is that it ends up saying something that is witty, sarcastic and funny. Most times we come across such images on blogs and end up sharing these captioned photos on Twitter and Facebook. MSN Caption It allows people to go ahead and put up captions to images online. The best part is others can vote for the best caption.


MSN Caption It Features

  • To leave captions on the images, we need to register with the website and start leaving captions on various images. Do not worry, there is no need for a Live ID to register.
  • I could also go ahead and vote on the captions. Voting does not require registration. 😉
  • Select a section and we get images with the option to write captions to them. When images are shown the latest captions can also be seen.
  • Along with captions to images, users can also use Blurb It to leave interesting messages on what two people are thinking or saying in an image.

These images are sourced from MSN and at the moment, I did not see any choice for people to upload their own images for writing captions. But I think it will be only a matter of time when someone gets all our Facebook friends to leave captions on our images from personal albums.

Do try out MSN Caption It and let me know if this is going to become the next addictive thing? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Caption It


Saket Jajodia February 8, 2011

Nice concept… Liked it…

Aditya Kane February 8, 2011

Yes it is a nice concept and much cleaner than other sites which have public captions.

surayabay February 6, 2014

Never got an e-mail to enter a password?