Use Multiple Search Engines Simultaneously [Searchr]

When I search for images for my blog posts in Google images, I might not find the desired image. Then, I will try searching on Flickr, if I can not find it there, then I would search in another image-based search engine and the hunt continues.

This consumes a lot of time and sometimes I wish there was a search engine which shows results from all the top search engines at one place, so we don’t need to switch between different search engines.

If you’re like me then Searchr might work like a charm for you as it does the same i.e. showing up results from the top search engines.

Six types of searches can be done on Searchr, they are Web, Images, Torrents, Videos, Files and Mp3 Downloads.

search 5

Searchr Features

  1. Web search: You can get search results from the top 7 search engines namely Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Wikipedia, Dogpile and Yippy. It misses Altavista which is better than Yippy
  2. Image search: All in all, there are seven image-based search engines, the major drawback here is that, it misses Flickr. Iconfinder is great addition as you can find icons of all types and sizes in it.
  3. Video search: The videos section is a bit buggy, as the YouTube video results doesn’t load up. Dailymotion and Metacafe could’ve been added instead of AOL videos.
  4. Torrent search: It lists the major Torrent search engines like isoHunt, BtJunkie etc.
  5. File search: Uses Google’s site: syntax to search for files in popular file hosts like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload etc.

So, have you tried Searchr? How is it? Drop in your opinions!

Link: Searchr