MustSeeIndia – One stop online travel guide for India

I have a lot of friends who travel a lot. One complaint I often hear from them is about how there is very little information about cities they are visiting.

Information like travel routes, some basic interesting places in the city they are touring will actually help people explore more.

I found Must See India quite informative and it seemed to have all the information you would need while travelling in India.

Must See India Features

  • One thing that stands out with the website is that it has more options than one can handle.
  • I could search for the best bus, plane or train travel details from one place to another.
  • It also has comprehensive information on almost all places of interest in India.
  • The portal is split in three parts Search, Explore and Book. I found the Search part quite novel is tours arranged in different themes like hill stations, beaches or historical places.

The next time I decide to plan a vacation, I am surely going to look up MustSeeIndia. I guess it would be beneficial for you to look up if you are planning a trip. 😉

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Link: Must See India


rohit khot December 9, 2012

hello Aditya..thanks for providing the information about Must see india portal..can you help me with the company reviews/feedback if any..i am planning to plan my trip through them..
It will be of great help if you can share yours or any of your friends experience with them

Rohit Khot

Kalpit December 10, 2012

Even I was checking the site a few days ago. I found it good enough.

Though haven’t used it much, yet. Lets see how that turns out!

Trinath December 11, 2012

I think the website needs to improve on the UI and more attractive (particularly when the customer is looking for travels or entertainment! )