Now View Titles & Ratings in YouTube Videos! [New Feature]

Yesterday evening, while watching a YouTube video, I found it to be bit different. In a single glimpse I could not figure out what exactly were the changes on the video, but I didn’t find it to be looking as usual. Later on I figured out that, there were some kind of ratings on the video with the video title on top of it.  For a moment I was confused, thinking that the video must have those text and stars, but later on I was confirmed about a new feature in YouTube when I read a blog post.

youtube rating

As you can view on the image above, there are ratings with 5 stars along with the title of the video. You too don’t get confused thinking the video contains those text. 😉 It is actually, a new feature in YouTube, though it is yet to be rolled on all the videos.

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Gautam February 6, 2009

Youtube is improving. Recently it started ads service, then download option and then delete comments.
And now star rating on videos.

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

Yes, in the recent days a lot of change has been noticed in YouTube

Travis February 27, 2009

Is there any way to remove it? I think it looks terrible.