5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser. Its clean user-interface, speed, instant page loading, a lots of apps and extension etc make it a browser to reckon with. Chrome Apps give a different angle to the browser and one of my favourite ways to unwind is to play games on Chrome.

I am sharing 5 games that can be played offline on Chrome.

#1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most famous games around. Game is based on the revenge of birds from the green pigs who stolen their eggs . There are about 189 levels and 21 more levels in Chrome dimension.

Link : Angry Birds



#2. Spark Chess


A wonderful Chrome app for chess fans. This game has 3 levels beginners (cordy),  intermediate (Claire) and advanced (Boris).  Select multiplayer and type user name and password or register to start playing with other online players. It also allows looking up stats accumulated from your performance while playing the game.

Link : Spark Chess

#3. Sinuous


This one is straight and simple game where users need to avoid touching the red-spotted dots while dragging the mouse pointer. As one goes to a higher level the number of dots too increase. The simplicity of the game makes it very addictive.

Link : Sinuous

#4. Magic Cube

Magic cube

Magic cube is classic Rubik’s cube game. This like the real Rubik’s cube is extremely addictive. It is a real brain teaser. This game also supports offline play, thanks to HTML5 caching.

Link : Magic Cube 

5. Mini Golf

Mini Golf

If you have been to a mini-golf course, then you will surely enjoy this game.

Another Good Chrome games from Fupa.com. This is not the actual golf game but quite similar to it, hence called mini-golf. This apps has 9 course which you can explore. An added feature of this game is it can be embedded on a  website.

Link : Mini Golf

Try out these games and do drop in your comments.

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11 replies on “5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome”

  1. Yes they are amazing games. Slowly I am sure Google is going to buy an game developing company and start integrating into Google chrome, Android Phones, and also on will be a huge success for sure

    1. oh! yes Google should buy game developing , apart from the chrome os and the Android it would also be integrated in Google+ games where Facebook is in dominance over social gaming.

  2. Cool fantastic i love the list of offline games

    I am a good chess player, chess spark is good as we can play with online friends to show our mind power to other.

  3. Nice!!!! I like the list of offline games. I was unaware of it. I didn’t use chrome but seeing this i may leave using Firefox and switch to chrome.
    Thanks for sharing this list. Now a new chrome user because of you!

    1. @Badrinath K
      It would be good if you use Chrome, which is fastest growing browser and sooner will over take IE completely. As you would have heard the news that Chrome 15 has overtaken IE 8 in marketshare.

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