Online C, Java, Javascript, JSON, PHP, Perl, SQL & other Source Code beautifier (formatter)

Many times you see source code which is very hard to read due to lack of proper formatting. Many of my friends who are working on various third-party programs on orkut from time-to-time needed to swim through highly unformatted javascript codes! 1000 lines of code written without any line brakes, forget about whitespaces & indentations. While reasons to do this may include security and causing obsfucation for professional sites even careless programming makes code written by on programmer hard to understand by other. If you ever encountered codes like these then you might have tried to clean them manually with much of fatigue, waste of time and in the end poor results.

Now Here comes list of online beautifiers classified according to programming languages. Some item may be repeated if it works for more than one language!



C++, C#, Java:


PHP, Perl, CSS




Personally I use for javascript formatting and PrettyPrinter for rest (PHP, Java, C++, C, Perl, CSS).

If you have anything to contribute to this list please use comment to post it! šŸ™‚