[Online Tip] Create and Share Short Links that Expire

There are many ways to create content online and share it publicly. One issue is sometimes the content being created is draft version of an article or even an image you are working on. You might not want the URL of such content, indexed by search engines or don’t want it available after a few days.

Ephemurl is a nice online tool that allows you to create short links that expire after a few days.


Just type in the URL which you want to share and select the amount of time you want the short-link to exist. Lets say you select 5 days, then once you create the link online it will expire after 5 days.

Make sure that the people receiving such a URL that expires, know that it is a temporary link, so people are not unnecessarily clicking on dead links.

If you found using temporary short links useful, you might like to read how to create a disposable email to avoid spam.

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Link: EphemURL