Why Google’s Search Results Are Better Than Bing!

I have sometimes wondered if people choose to use Google instead of Bing, just out of habit. I mean what is the big difference in their results. Google has a lot of options and small changes which make it intuitively great. These changes are usually not seen or understood all that well.

A great feature of Google is when we type in search query with a spelling mistake, it auto-corrects the query and shows relevant results. Bing also does that but according to a tip shared by Vineeth GS, it is not doing as good as Google.


The query entered was ‘jquery sldiers” on both search engines. Both correctly offered to search for “jquery sliders” but the results being show is where the difference between Google and Bing is seen.

Google points to a link about jQuery Slider plugins and tutorials while the first link on Bing points to something completely unrelated.

It seems Google has auto-corrected not just the word, but it also auto-corrected it based on the context of the 2nd word in the query.

Bing does try to pull the occasional stunt of being innovating, especially by introducing features like a movie running in the background of it’s search page. This might be cool but adds nothing to getting the best results. While Google has features which are not that obvious but make the user-experience better even without the user realizing it.

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Aryan November 18, 2011

Bing is a lot heavier and more demanding than Google, and in my opinion, you get better results with Google. So yes, Google beats bing.