Online Tool to Import/Export Gmail Tasks to iCal and Outlook Formats

Google Tasks PorterGmail Tasks is a much under-appreciated feature in Gmail. I have used Outlook and Remember the Milk services to  create To-Do lists or Task lists. But as a blogger, I end up checking up my Gmail account quite often and hence ended up sticking to Gmail Tasks.

I came across this nice online tool, that allows capturing your task list and moving them to iCalendar, Outlook and Remember the Milk formats.

Google Tasks Porter Features

  • Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account and visit the website. Then simply allow the online tool to access your task list from Google.
  • We can snapshots of Gmail Tasks and download them in HTML, iCalendar and Remember the Milk format files.
  • Other feature also includes the ability to import a iCal or Outlook file up into Gmail Tasks.
Just a word of caution before you port your task-lists, remember it is not an official online tool from Gmail but a 3rd party tool. Do try out Google Tasks Porter and drop in your comments.
Link: Google Tasks Porter