Open Apology To All DW Readers… [Editorial]

Those who have noticed it yesterday, our author Saurvajit published a post announcing Scrap All feature officially arrived on Orkut.

It turned out to be a firefox extension he was using and being editor of this blog I accept my failure to crosscheck facts before approving article for publication.

I apologies to all DW readers for inconvenience caused by incorrect information.

Sorry once again,

-Rahul Bansal

Author & Editor,

Devils Workshop


Rajat Arora July 23, 2008

Such things can happen with guest authors. This one was harmless though.
What I really appreciate is the quick response and the open letter.
By the way, may I know more about the Firefox extension which Saurvajit was using? I really like the Scrap All feature. šŸ™‚

sauravjit July 23, 2008


Gagan July 23, 2008

….. and I was waiting for the whole day for my profile to get updated !! :d

Online Guide July 23, 2008

But one thing is for sure –

I must commend on the confidence with which the post was written. With Proper sequence of events and scripting ..

“Orkut worked hard for half a day > worked hard > launched in few profiles > Will be launched in all profiles in some time”

Anyone can make mistakes, to err is human..
Be careful in future šŸ˜‰ best of luck

Deepak Jain July 23, 2008

@ Sauravjit..

c’mon dude.. even u r a human being.
But I really appreciate Rahul’s quick action towards such mistake..

Rahul Bansal July 24, 2008

thanks guys for taking entire episode positively… šŸ™‚

Scrap ALL script is here.
I will also post about extension soon. But they are basically same… šŸ™‚

BlogsDNA July 24, 2008

We human being are pron to Mistakes but what makes us different is publicly accepting that mistakes which needs some extra guts šŸ™‚

Praveen July 24, 2008

No worried dude! It happens once in a while. Its all part of experimentation. Don’t stop ppl from publishing guest posts by any chance… :O

Rahul Bansal July 27, 2008

@BlogsDNA & Praveen
Thanks buddy for your nice understanding… šŸ™‚

Not at all buddy. In fact I will very soon allow guest authors to put their own Adsense ads on all their posts.
Actually the feature is ready but waiting for Adsense teams permission to put it live… šŸ™‚