Update Your Status from Orkut Homepage! [New Feature]

Orkut improved their status update feature by adding facility to send update on Orkut homepage. Now one can say they have completed copying this feature from facebook. πŸ˜‰

orkut - status updates from homepage-1-1.jpg

As you can see above, this improvement will surely increase use of status update feature.

Notably this feature suffered from a bug few days back where users exploited it to display any images when it suppose to contain plain-text update messages. Now with this change, it will be interesting to see if this feature breaks again.

Thanks Deepak for tip! πŸ™‚


abhishek chaudhary June 10, 2010

it,s vry nice

love January 23, 2011

dear rahul …m not able to add photo pict in update m trying hard but itz nt working