How To Recover a Deleted Orkut Community!

This is one of the most frequently asked question to me. I myself wonder why it took so long for me to answer it! Anyway here is my post on recovering a deleted orkut community…

First if your community still exists and in your control, better add a co-owner for your community. This will be helpful in circumstances where…

  • your (community owner’s) account gets deleted
  • community ownership is transferred
  • the community is deleted (The co-owner can undelete it and become the community owner.)

Next comes scenario where your community is deleted by mistake or by someone who has access to your account.

There is a form on Orkut which you can fill up for mistakenly deleted communities. I am not sure if this still works as it is quite old. Also I am not sure if it will work if someone first transfer your community to other account and then delete it!

Please note the difference, if someone with access to your account deletes your community directly, it can count as a mistakenly deleted community.

Also for filing request to undelete your community you will need to specify a link to it. So please save a link to your community at some place which you can easily access.

You can get link to your community by opening it in a browser. When its opened, address bar will show community link only.

orkut community link.jpg

What if I do not have community link?

The only think matters is your community ID. Rest URL is always same like[SOME_NUMBER]

  • So do you remember a number after cmm in its link like 19587001 in above example?
  • Or have you ever posted any link related to your community like link to a topic, poll, etc in any scrap or on web. Then try to find that link and find number after “cmm=”.
  • Or used orkutfeeeds to subscribe to your community or any topic from it? In this case you can find cmm=ID in your feed reader. Just go through read items.
  • Or just try searching your community using Orkut’s search feature. If it has recently deleted then it may show up in search results there.
  • Have your ever saved your community logo on your PC? If yes then try to find that image. If you haven’t renamed it, it will have name like <community_id>.jpg (ex: 19587001.jpg)

If you can’t obtain your community id, then you cannot request orkut to undelete it. 🙁

This is all I can do! 🙂

Link: Orkut Contact Form to Request Community Undelete

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Furqanz November 10, 2009

hi i lost my some scraps due to network Problems some scraps disabled plz will you tell me how i recover my lost scraps…..