Orkut Added [Anti]Spam Folder in Communities

Orkut finally considered increasing amount of spam and now transferred job of fighting against it to community owner, co-owners and moderators.

In recent development they added a spam folder to communities as shown below…

orkut - SPAM Folder.jpg

Now whenever you find a spam topic, click on report spam button on orkut and the topic will be moved to spam folder.

orkut - report spam button.jpg

You will see a confirmation like below then…

orkut - spam marked message-1.jpg

Spam folder will look like below…

orkut - Spam Folder Content.jpg

Now when a community owner, co-owner or any moderator will click on a spam topic, he will see options like below…

orkut - Spam Topic.jpg

Seems a nice move from orkut but they should consider more automated approach.

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One Comment

hotfire October 2, 2009

Is there any possible way to not allow members to click the “SPAM” button ??