Clipmarks – Share Content, Not Just Links!

Clipmarks is available as extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which lets you capture the specific content on a web page, instead of linking to entire web pages. This is good way of sharing as very often we want to share a small part of a large web page.

There are lots of things you can do with your clips:

  • Save them on Your clips can be saved publicly to share with others, or you can make them private. Either way you’ve got a fully searchable collection of great things you find on the web.
  • Post them directly to your blog: Clipmarks offers direct integration with wordpress, blogger, typepad, live journal and other blogging platforms, enabling you to post anything you clip from a web page directly to your blog. (View Demo)
  • Email them to friends: Straight from any web page you can clip and email something you want friends, family or co-workers to see. (View Demo)
  • Print them: Don’t waste paper or get annoyed trying to copy and paste to a Word document. Use clipmarks to easily print only the parts of the page you want.

How-To Clip:

Check out this short video tutorial on using clipmarks…

If you just can’t get it from above video, here is official tutorial page.

Link: | Install


Ankur Gattani June 3, 2008

hasn’t this one been around for a long time now..?

the tail of this post on the rss feed is bugged.. has a dozen repeats of ‘comment, share on facebook….’ and all those links.. had taken a screenshot but can’t find an email address to send it to.

Keep up the great work!


Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Mail me screenshot at [email protected]
Also let me know which browser you are using.
Thanks… 🙂