Orkut Albums Got Faster with AJAX

Noticed today change in Orkuts album navigation. Previous and Next image links (highlighted in screenshot below) now loads consecutive images using AJAX. In simple words when you click on these links now, they loads previous/next image in album without refreshing entire page. All this mean, you can browse orkut albums faster now.

Picture 2.jpg

This feature is still seems under experiment. I came across some weird messages and also loading indicator image which you can note in above screenshot is appearing in top-left corner for first image load.

Orkut can still improve many things with album navigation. May be they can do it the way I did it one year ago with my AJAX Style Orkut album script. I stopped updating that script, but still this screenshot can give you feeling of how it changed Orkut Album Navigation.

If you have any suggestion for better orkut album navigation, please share with us. 🙂

Happy Independence Day to all our readers from Pakistan.