Orkut Apps Now Available For All Users

Rolling out first in Estonia, then in India, Orkut Apps finally became available worldwide. Orkut Developer Blog announced yesterday that they have finished rollout of OpenSocial apps to all orkut users.

Darnell Clayton - Orkut Profile This means you no longer need to change your country to enjoy Orkut apps. I have noticed many Orkut users, including famous InsideOrkut blogger Darnell Clayton changing their country to Estonia or India to enjoy Orkut Apps.

If you are a developer and this country specific restriction kept you away from OpenSocial apps, you may start coding now. Here is a beginners guide to Orkut & OpenSocial Apps.

I personally don’t have much time to use Orkut apps. But one I find cool is Orkut Times (India) developed by Ashish. Ashish also created its Brazilian counterpart, Orkut Times (Brazil).

I hope you all will enjoy Orkut Apps! 🙂


VINOD October 24, 2008

hello every one

could any one clarify whether orkut is available at australia


Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

I am not sure but I guess some apps must be available in every country.