Orkut Apps Now Available For All Users

Rolling out first in Estonia, then in India, Orkut Apps finally became available worldwide. Orkut Developer Blog announced yesterday that they have finished rollout of OpenSocial apps to all orkut users. This means you no longer need to change your country to enjoy Orkut apps. I have noticed many Orkut users, including famous InsideOrkut blogger […]

Google Friend Connect – Make Any Website Social

Google Friend Connect, is a new service from Google, that helps website owners grow traffic by enabling any site on the web to easily provide social features for its visitors. Visitors to any site using Google Friend Connect will be able to see, invite, and interact with new friends or with existing friends from social […]

Orkut Open Social Apps Available in India Finally

As we have discussed it earlier, orkut open social apps finally arrived in India. Just noticed on my orkut homepage as shown in screenshot above, India has been chosen by Orkut second country after Estonia to unveil Orkuts open social apps. Nevertheless no matter from which country you are, you can change your country to […]

Orkut Goes Mobile Silently – m.orkut.com!

Two days back, I have posted about orkut’s low bandwidth version. I concluded that post saying, Orkut could have done better by creating a dedicated mobile version like m.orkut.com…. Now thanks to Darnell, for taking pain to actually check m.orkut.com and so discovering the mobile orkut. 🙂 You can really access orkut from mobile now […]

Orkut – OpenSocial Apps Coming Officially To India!

Looks like Orkut team overlooked our discussion on Orkut Apps being launched in Estonia first. Many Orkut users including me and, notably Darnell Clayton, felt Orkut should selected Brazil, India or any bigger country like US rather than Estonia. Now skipping Brazil, Orkut Developer Blog announced today that in coming weeks OpenSocial apps will be […]

Enjoy Orkut Apps By Changing Your Country To Estonia!

From last few days I was surprised to see many users changed their country to Estonia. At the same time orkut blog was driving me mad by unveiling about new apps everyday but not giving any link to use them outside orkut sandbox. All this end when a scrap-all spam appeared in my orkut scrapbook […]

Orkut is coming out of sandbox! Submit your Orkut Apps!

If you are new to OpenSocial and Sandbox, then you may start with Beginners Guide To OpenSocial & Orkut Sandbox! It covers all FAQ! Orkut is enabling developers to make their social applications available to orkut users. OpenSocial developers can submit their completed applications till Feb. 15 Later this month,  if your app passes Orkut […]

Beginners Guide To OpenSocial & Orkut Sandbox! [covering FAQ]

In this post, I will try to clear your doubts on orkut sandbox and opensocial API. In the end I will be listing resources that you can use and bookmark! #What is OpenSocial? From wikipedia, OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google, and released […]

3 ways to read locked scrapbook on orkut!

Important Update: This hack is rectified by orkut. SO IT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE. If I find a new hack I will definitely post it here! You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! (Jan 3, 2008) Here comes another blow to […]