Orkut Buyukkokten, Creator of Orkut, Violating Orkut ToS!

Yep… I found his second profile on orkut!
Well before going ahead lemme clear out base for my claim…

On orkut community standard page, under Account Restrictions in line 11, it is written that…

“Only one account can be created for each person.”


1. Here is link to Orkut Buyukkokten’s orkut profile!
2. Now I came across another profile named Orkut Guy! This one seems to be official orkut helper and also this profile is Orkut certified!

3. Now check very first scrap in Orkut Guys Scrapbook which is by Adam says

“Admin. What a strange last name. But easier to spell and pronounced than Buyukkokten.”

4. Now in above line Admin may be pointing to Orkut Administartor Orkut Buyukkokten’s. Well there is more in that single line. What about last name field? Its Guy in this case and Adam also says its better than Buyukkokten.

5. Another point to be noted is about Adam – who is again orkut certified guy!

6. Now only doubt left about point 1, as the profile is not orkut certified. Well there is another trick to know permanant orkut membership number!

Wel here is screenshot of the page I’m talking about in point 3.

#Verdict: Well you comment on it! šŸ™‚


Darnell Clayton January 23, 2007

I’m not sure if he is violating the TOS as the profile may be a default admin shared among the Orkut Googlers.


Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

Well this post is for fun! But I personally think he is violating TOS as he is having two accounts!
But afterall BOSS is always right! šŸ™‚

chandu2 September 8, 2008

Hai, But I personally think he is violating TOS as he is having two accounts.



Rahul Bansal September 8, 2008


I agree with you… šŸ™‚

aggL October 30, 2008

Bhai, His Seconed Profile is deleted

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

May be he realized his mistake! šŸ˜€