Truth about Orkut-Medals!

In last few weeks I have seen lots of fuss about orkut medals and some stupid GreaseMonkey Scripts to put orkut medal on ur profile! Well such scripts do put orkut medal on ur profile but as they are client-side scripts only U (and U) can see those medals!

I cleared out this point earlier to few of my friends on orkut, then again new rumor spread-off saying Orkut Medal indicates Royal Membership which is paid-subscription! Wel as long as Google is running orkut, I am sure that orkut wil never become paid service! Thats what Google’s “Don’t Be Evil!” Motto says!

Then what is truth and where it is! Wel Following is truth from orkut help

Why are some people “orkut-certified”?The ‘orkut-certified’ symbol helps you identify which profiles are real. When you see that a profile has been ‘orkut-certified,’ you can be confident that we’ve verified the user’s identity and ensured that they’re following our Community Standards.

These symbols are issued by the orkut team on an as-needed basis and are not added to profiles upon request.

Here are links to few orkut profiles that have orkut medals!