Orkuts New Friends Finder – Find Friends From Any Email Account!

Few months back Orkut added a facebook like friends finder. Using that friend finder you could find & invite all your Gmail friends on orkut without much work. We and many other at that time wished orkut should have done that facebook way and made friend finder to work with any email account. Looks like orkut team listened our calls and came up with new improved friends finder.

Orkut New Friends Finder

As shown in screenshot now you can also add friends from Hotmail, Yahoo & AOL!

"find friends" box can be seen in left sidebar on your orkuts home page. If you never used this feature in past then be sure to read orkut friend finder guide!

One more thing, some of my friends haven’t seen this new friend finder on their account yet. I guess like many other feature in past, orkut is rolling this slowly. So it make take a day or two for this feature to get activated on your account! 🙂


Authors Note: This is my 100th post on Orkut. Its always a pleasure to write for you. Thanks for your love and support. Hope to receive same in future too! 🙂


Shalin Desai July 7, 2008

How much secured is it to give your yahoo (or for that matter any) password to Orkut/Google ? Or everything is encrypted and beyond any human (even Orkut employees) to reach to our yahoo (or other) password ?

Rahul Bansal July 7, 2008

Technically your yahoo password is SENT over encrypted connection but its again decrypted at Orkut servers end by machine of course.
Ya, technically it is possible for Orkut employees to log our password but then same is the case with all Friend Finders in the world.
Be it Facbook, Myspace, Linkedin, etc.
And of course all these biggies must be taking some measures that no employee can do such things by securing sensitive areas.

Akash July 30, 2008

I tried using “friend finder” and I did see, 3 profiles came up..
I would like to know whether these have been regularly viewing my profile, without letting it known???
As these 3 profiles popped up up, who are my friends, and I dint know they were on orkut as they never invited me nor showed up in profile views..
Could you pls explain

That would be of great help.

shalin July 30, 2008

@ Rahul

I dont know if only Rahul can answer here or general public is also allowed.. if i am breaking any law.. kindly forgive

@ Akash

We cannot say whether those 3 people have every visited ur profile in past or not. FRIEND FINDER just

1. takes the list of email ids in ur gmail account
2. finds if the same id is used for any orkut account.
3. if yes, it shows those orkut accounts to u.

Nothing else can be concluded (regarding ur question).. we cannot say if those 3 people have visited ur profile in past or not.. they may have visited.. they may not have visited..

Asma June 14, 2010

I have created my orkut Account bt cudnt open it to get frndz list.what do I do

Rahul Bansal July 31, 2008

Thank you very much Shalin for answering Akash’s doubt accurately with nice details… 🙂

Akash July 31, 2008

Reason being all those 3 are my friends, but who i have not yet accepted.

Thank you very much.

ilyas December 18, 2008

hi dear

need help

i noticed my frieds are using orkut but whenever i asked her he always told me she never been used orkut, i tired to frind finder on orkut with her email adress but she disppeared, but i am sure she has orkut account can you please give tips that i can search her easy way


Rahul Bansal December 20, 2008

Sorry we do not know anyway to help you.
May be she doesn’t want to add you on orkut in that case you better respect her choice.

Ankit April 13, 2009


I am unable to find my friends other than GMAIL account, as i am not getting any options to put any other email address to search other contacts.

Please advice.


Rahul Bansal April 22, 2009

I guess Orkut removed other options recently. 🙁

Ranjan kumar October 9, 2009

True friend is very few.

Osho Garg April 6, 2010

Thanks Good information but now only with gmail.