[Fixed] Orkut countrywide domain side-effect – Secure Connection Failed!

Update: Issue is fixed by Orkut.Looks like Orkut team is reading DW! 😉

And those who think orkut.co.in does not exist, check this post for screenshot.

Yesterday, I came across one more side-effect of orkuts countywide domains. I was using Friend Finder on Orkut, when I lost secure connection with Orkut server. I stumbled on following error, “Secure Connection Failed”…

Orkut SSL Certificate Error-1.jpg

As solution, there is not much a user can do apart from adding orkuts country specific domain, in my case orkut.co.in, into firefox exception list.

Just click on ‘Or you can add an exception…’ option as highlighted in above screenshot. Firefox will warn you about exception, but if you want to use Friend Finder and may be few more feature on Orkut, you have to go ahead.

Orkut - ssl error - add exception in firefox-1.jpg

Orkut team registered many country domains but they just forgot to buy SSL certificate for each domain. SSL certificates are domain/IP address specific.

When you access orkut from India, Brazil and few other countries, all orkut.com requests are automatically redirected to orkuts county level domains for whom digital certificates are missing. I am not sure how this will affect your security but the way Firefox 3 alert users, many users may feel scared.

Well, one should not blame firefox for there scary alerts as they are just doing their job, the best possible way. Misconfiguration in secure area just proves how serious Google is about orkut users security, again!

Wikipedia Link: Certificates and web site security


Pavan Kumar July 7, 2008

I wonder how all orkut errors appear with you. I have never got such error. I login to orkut daily once, and the url I key in is the .com one which is saved in the firefox. I have never got such issues… and till now I have not used friend finder and don’t want to use…

Rahul Bansal July 7, 2008

This error is fixed now.
By the way if you look at screenshots they describe everything… 😉
Look like orkut team is reading Devils Workshop! 😀

roby July 7, 2008

very difficult to open with proxy’s