Find .COM Domains easily using Ixquick’s Domain Name Finder

imageFinding a nice domain name is toughest part while starting  a website or blog. Earlier we used Xona’s domain hack tool to find domains like or Today I am posting about Ixquick’s Domain Name Finder which makes finding a .COM job easy.

This can be used in two-ways.

First say if you have long list of keywords to search, then you can put entire list in First Words box there and click Search. It will output available domains from list in few seconds.

Next say if you are looking for hybrid domain like InsideOrkut, OrkutPlus or OrkutFeeds then you are sure about half part. Now create two with prefix in one list and suffix in one list.


  • List 1: Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, …
  • List 2: Times, Daily, Feeds, Plus, …

Now you can put List 1 in First Words box and List 2 in Second Word box and when you click search all combination from lists are checked. Following image taken from Ixquick’s page demonstrate whole thing graphically…

Ixquick's Domain Name Finder

I guess many blogger who want to blog about a particular service will find this interesting as they can find a related .COM domain name easily.

Link: Ixquick’s Domain Name Finder

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