Orkut Introduced Inline Photo Commenting in Activity Stream

Activity stream or updates from friends on your Orkut homepage shows among other things photo related updates from your friend.

Earlier, if somebody post a comment on your friend’s you need to go to that photo to reply to it. This is made simple by Orkut’s new inline photo comments feature as highlighted in screenshots below.



Now you can reply to those comments right from your Orkut’s homepage, making conversations more interesting!

Still, if you want to comment on a friend’s photo you see in your activity stream, you need to click on it and then only you can comment on there photo.

If this seems confusing there is a little difference between these two types of updates related to photo. Friends comment on photo shows comment itself along with photo while photo-upload updates shows photos uploaded by your friends.

Lets hope Orkut will add inline commenting on uploaded photos as well in near feature. 🙂

Like most Orkut features, this may take some time before it get activated on your account. So don’t worry if you don’t see “add comment” option on your Orkut homepage.

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