Orkut – OpenSocial Apps Coming Officially To India!

opensocial Looks like Orkut team overlooked our discussion on Orkut Apps being launched in Estonia first. Many Orkut users including me and, notably Darnell Clayton, felt Orkut should selected Brazil, India or any bigger country like US rather than Estonia.

Now skipping Brazil, Orkut Developer Blog announced today that in coming weeks OpenSocial apps will be available to millions of users in India. India have 16.90% of total orkut users according to Orkut demographics.

I think Orkut should have gone for a global release this time. After the fact that anyone can use OpenSocial apps just by changing their country to Estonia, this country-specific releases makes no sense! At the most in few weeks you will have one more country to choose from at par with Estonia! 😉

For OpenSocial developers…

On a sidenote, Orkut team created a new app submission page. All apps, even if submitted previously, need to resubmit through this new page.

If you are yet to start with OpenSocial orkut apps, here is the beginners Open-Social guide covering FAQ.

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