Orkut Released New Year Theme!

Recently on the occasion of Christmas, Orkut launched a special theme for its users and it was the time I wanted a special and new theme to be used in the coming new year. And I was really happy to see the ‘New Year Theme’ go live. 🙂

Just now when I logged into my Orkut homepage, the top part of Orkut homepage read ‘Happy New Year’

New year theme1

When you click on the new year wishes, the page gets automatically diverted to ‘Themes’ section with a new year theme active on it. Here’s a snap-shot of it too.

New year theme2

If this new year theme is not yet rolled into your profile, then here is how it would look and feel after you activate it in your profile.

new year theme3

Hope, with this new year theme, you would have a better ‘Orkutting’ experience in the coming ‘New Year’ 😉

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