Orkut: To UNBAN a user from banned community!

One of Devil’s Workshop Orkut Community member Aadesh posted a problem there that he banned one of his community member but want to unban him/her again….

Here are steps to unban a banned member!

  1. Right click on any link (profile, scarpbook, etc) related to that banned person.

  2. Press “Copy Link Location” (in firefox) or “Copy shortcut” in IE or similar option in ur browser!

  3. Paste clipboard content in notepad! (or any text-editor)

  4. Take only “uid” part!

i.e. for link

uid is 8047825869783710708

  1. Now copy following link to the notepad.


  1. Replace COMM_ID by ur community id.
  2. Replace USER_ID by above uid. (that u got in step 4)

  3. Don’t put any space between address of step 5 while editing in step 6 & 7.

  4. Open this edited address in ur browser. (ofc ourse after logging into orkut)

  5. You will get all options related to member management. Just press “unban from community”.

This is tasted so feel free to reply if u have any doubt!


Harshal Vakil December 19, 2006

it is working

neeraj March 15, 2007

gr8 man… i like it !!

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

@Neeraj & Harshal
Thanks guys for ur encouraging words! πŸ™‚

Prince Vegeta April 5, 2007

Something’s wrong man this isnt working….

cud u plz check it once again and tell me if its still working….

Rahul Bansal April 8, 2007

Its working dude. I hv tested it myself! (see kunals comment too!)
If u need any help… lemme know!

Thanx for posting here positive results!

Kunal April 8, 2007

hey man thats awesome…

fool proof…

it works perfectly alright…

thnx man…keep rocking…

Anonymous April 18, 2007

can a banned member of a certain community unban himself .

Rahul Bansal April 19, 2007

No. But member can generate link and ask community owner to unban him.
Normally community owner don’t get list of banned users so they cant unban anyone even if they want! This script is intended for that purpose only!

al April 30, 2007

hey man nice work…but listen can a non-moderator try nd unban himself…sounds wierd but try nd figure it out..?

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

There is no point to find a way for non-moderator as orkut will fix it ASAP! Afterall there will be no use of banning then! πŸ˜‰

X May 19, 2007

Not working anymore

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2007

Its working guys!
Read the above post carefully!
The link can be used by only community owner or moderators to UNBAN a member!

Debajyoti Das May 12, 2008

@ people who are saying “Not Working”

Its Working Fine… And Its the Only possible way to Un-Ban A member till now…

But it will be gr8 if Orkut soon provides a option For Banned Members Just like :
# members
# friends in community
# moderators
# co-owners &
# ?? Banned Members ??

Rahul Bansal May 13, 2008

Debajyoti Das
Thanks for nice comment.
You really gave a nice suggestion for orkut! πŸ™‚

EternalDude February 4, 2009

hey, can you please tell me if its possible to find who banned a person?

I am a moderator of a huge community, but there are 6 others mods as well, and someone is misusing the power! lol, wierd.. i would like to know who it is..

this link works fantastic! πŸ˜‰
if only it showed who banned it as well ! alas!
* shakes fist at them *

Rahul Bansal February 5, 2009

We can not track info you are interested in.
Even I have a community on Orkut with 10 mods (max allowable by Orkut)
It will be great if Orkut can show log of activities performed by mods and co-owner to community owner.
But a feature like this is hard to expect from Orkut team. πŸ™

Hardik February 28, 2009

Fantastic stuff mate…….Thanx a lot.

For the past 1 day I was searching for tips on how to unban a member, & ur tips are awesome.

Works Perfectly.

Thanx again!!!

Sidharth May 31, 2009

hey i have been bannned by a community had tried much but still i am banned from the community can u help me………..
hey my uid is 14387260967982400631
and comm id is 12392936
can u help me to get unbanned from the community……

Rahul Bansal June 2, 2009

You have to contact admin or moderator of that community.

Sonali July 20, 2009

Really it is gr8 post and too informative as well.

sohail August 28, 2009

owner ko unbanned ka link kaisay bhejay ge ??

Aditya Kane August 28, 2009

@sohail go to owners scrapbook and post your link there.

Yatin goel October 27, 2009

well,thnks fr dis,yaar!!!!!!
its really wrkin nd u helped me a lot!!

venkatesh March 23, 2010

What is meant by community id? where I can find it?

BHAVESH September 1, 2010

how can i unbann those member which are not found by their UID?