Orkut Video Flooder JavaScript – Add your favorite video as many time as you want!

Sumit has posted javascript code for video flooder on Devils Workshop Orkut Community. As I said in title with this javascript you can add your favorite video as many time as you want! This will simply add multiple copies of same video. The only reason I can see is to increase your favorite video count on orkut profile and confuse friends (visitors).

Anyway here are the codes…


#How To Use this!

  1. Go to your favorite videos page.

Address: http://www.orkut.com/FavoriteVideos.aspx

  1. Paste your favorite Google or Youtube Video URL as it is! DONT HIT ADD BUTTON!!!

  2. Copy above javascript code in address bar and hit enter! Thats it!

Here is the screenshot (click on it to enlarge)

Orkut Video Flooder JavaScript - Click on image to enlarge it!

This one can be one of most useless hack! But still if u like this let me know so that I can consider to exploit more it more!