How iPhone launch turned Apple stores into Las Vegas Casino! (Video)

iPhone arrived with a bang as expected! 500,000 millions units sold on this weekend. Apart from a little bit delay in activation (for which AT&T was responsible, not Apple) this weekend was totally iphone weekend. iphone going to be third sweetest baby of Apple after ipod and mac! Afterall this is the half billion doller baby at the age of 3 days (not years). Yes approx $500,000,000 sales had been reported in first 3 days and thats what turned Apple stores into Las Vegas Casino!

The uberpulse quotes,

Money, credit cards and cash, are flowing to Apple registers like… water, hot cakes… pick your own! But the most amazing is that shoppers were all so happy to max out their credit cards and jeopardize their monthly rent for the iPhone… whether they plan to turn around and sell it for a profit or keep it for themselves. Is there any limit to Steve Jobs magnetic powers?

He also posted a video….

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