Orkut Words Generator – Spell ur name the orkut way!

If u r an orkut addict and like the way Orkut Spells ur name, then u can enjoy this Orkut Scrap Generator!

It has three option for three different ways orkut spells ur name, demonstrated as follows for my name, i.e. RAHUL

#1. Using “People” Image

#2. Using “Honor” Image

#3. Using “Nature” Image

#Bonus Tip: If u want to show generated image for ur name on some page and if u hv access to the code then right-click on orkut word generatot after ur images gets generated and select image codes.
There wil be # no. of lines where # wil be length of ur name.
Followin are codes for above three images…

#1. Using “People” Image

#2. Using “Honor” Image

#3. Using “Nature” Image


amit April 30, 2007

it don’t work yaar
or i can’t understand how its works

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

Theres nothing geeky about this post!
The codes are supposed to be pasted in any webpage of yours!
By the way what are you expecting from this! Please tell me how should it work from your point of view… it will help me to clear out any confusion you have 🙂

abhi May 28, 2007

can i display my name in this way in my profile name on orkut?

koucyk May 28, 2007

I cant understand how I done it.Plz tell me the steps seperately.How can I create my name to show it as orkut style?

Rahul Bansal May 28, 2007

@Abhi & Koucyk
I already mentioned that you can show name like above on pages/sites whose code u can access.
This means you can not show this on orkut pages. 🙁
But u can easily take screenshot (hint: “print screen” key) and use that image in your orkut ablum or orkut profile.
If you have blog/site/etc and still not getting it let me know for further help! 🙂

A@mir October 8, 2008

somebody has hacked my password

tanya May 19, 2009

hmmmmm i want to write my name on priyanka chopra pic but how can i write it plzzzzz help me

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2009

Google for “image watermark text” and you will find a solution!