Searching Orkut communities as well as scrapbooks!

1. Mozilla Firefox,
2 GreaseMonkey (need help)

#1. Orkut Scrapbook Searcher Beta
What the script will do is, search for the text in the scraps of the present page, and highlight the searched text in red if the text is found. If it cannot find the search text, it will start scanning the ‘Next’ page on the scrapbook. The scanning continues until the scrapsearcher is able to find the search text. If you want to search further, after finding some text, you just need to click the ‘Next >’ link on the scrapbook.

You can download the script from this place:
#2 Orkut Community Topic Searcher Beta
You can search a specific text within a community topic as well.
This searcher tries to search for a specific text in a community topic, by traversing through the various posts in the page. If the searcher finds the text in any of the posts, it highlights the text in red, wherever it occurs in the page. Else it proceeds to the next page by following the ‘Next >’ link. If you want to search more after the text is found, just click the ‘Next >’ link on the top or bottom right. The searcher will automatically start searching the remaining pages, until it find the same text again. Hope you enjoy this script!

Download the script from:
Credits: Both above scripts are by Vijay Bhaskar!