Orkuts New Bulk Photo Uploader Feature!

If you are new on orkut then you might have reserved coming Sunday to fill up your orkut album as uploading 100 pics takes some time! Well you can save your Sunday by using orkuts new bulk photo uploader which let you upload multiple pics at once. Strangely orkut implemented this feature using ActiveX control which means this will work with Internet Explorer(IE) only. So no donut for firefox & non-IE users including me! 🙁

Anyway IE user can read on…

When you will go to your album to upload pics, you will see a new link as shown in following screenshot…

Orkut Bulk Photo Uploader


Click on it will lead you to ActiveX Installation page. This is one-time procedure only!

Orkut Bulk Photo Uploader2


After installation you will see a new add photos button in albums. Clicking on will open windows standard open file box. You can select multiple files at once. You need to click save button (not shown in following screenshot). Do not try drag-n-drop! It won’t work…

Orkut Add Photos


Once you done with adding photos, click upload photo button!

 Orkut Uploading Pics Progress


Thats it… All pics will be uploaded at once!

The feature is nice but orkut could have done this using Java applets instead of ActiveX. Its strange to see orkuts parent company Google actively endorses firefox but a nice feature like this disappoints firefox user community big time!

Links: Orkuts Official Post

[Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post I had to use Internet Explorer. I logged in using a test account created on Orkut. I DONT use Internet Explorer. So please do not assume falsely that I use IE or encourage its usage in any way! I am firefox addict! 🙂 ]


Sameer February 13, 2008

The service is not yet given to me 🙁

Rahul Bansal February 15, 2008

I guess it will take a day or two as it always took for all orkut’s feature!

Lorna April 1, 2009

when i click on the link, it brings me onto the page to show how to download the new photo uploader but then the information bar that i am saposed to click on doesn’t come up. what do I do??